Wind Loads

The steel structure is engineered to withstand 240 km/h wind loads (without canopy). However, the shade cloth can only withstand a 3 minutes wind gusts of 170 km/h (with canopy on).

  1. Per A.S.C.E. 7-02, F.B.C. 1609.1.2, F.B.C. 3105.4.2.1.
  2. Basic Wind Speed (without covering): 240 km/h (3 second gust).
  3. Basic Wind Speed (with covering): 145 km/h.
  4. Structure Category: Open.
  5. Wind importance factor: 0.77.
  6. Exposure Category: C.
  7. Internal pressure coefficient: 0.00.

Structural Steel

  1. All Structural tubing of carbon grade steel.
  2. Main steel post: 4″ OD Allied Structural Steel 7ga. : 55 000 lbs yield.
  3. Steel frame: 2.4″ OD Allied Structural Steel 11ga.
  4. All Structural Steel surfaces hot dipped galvanized on the inside and outside.
  5. All Allied Structural Steel rolled galvanized with 3mil powder coating over.

Shade Cloth

  1. UV Block 91.2% to 98.8% depending on colour.
  2. UV Stabilized high-density polyethylene fabric resistant to rot and moisture absorption.
  3. Monofilament yarn in the warp and weft direction for superior strength. Tape yarn in the weft direction for increased UV block.
  4. Lock-stitch construction for superior impact and tear strength.
  5. Available in choice of colours.
  6. Heat set to minimize shrinkage and eliminate curling during fabrication.
  7. 3/16″ or 1/4″ cable used inside the hem of shade cloth
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