Shade Umbrella Types

Yellow Playground Shade Umbrella

Single Post Shade Umbrella

The single post shade umbrella is our most popular umbrella for playgrounds and is often placed in the center of sandboxes. The single post design is appealing as it provides shade without utilizing the space that four or six post shade umbrellas require. As a result, there is more play area available around the structure of the umbrella while still providing shade.

Sizes available: 10’x10′, 12’x12′, 14’x14′, 16’x16′, 18’x18′

Custom sizes available upon request

Blue Playground Shade Structure

Four/Six Post Shade Umbrella Structure

These shade umbrella structures are available in both square and rectangular shape with either four or six posts. These structures are often used to cover large areas.

Square 4 Post Sizes Available: 10’x10′, 12’x12′, 15’x15′, 18’x18′, 20’x20′, 25’x25′, 28’x28′, 30’x30′

Rectangular 4/6 Post Sizes Available: 10’x15′, 10’x20′, 15’x25′, 18’x20′, 18’x28′, 20’x25′, 25’x30′

Custom sizes available upon request

Blue Playground Sail Shade Structure

Shade Sails

Shade sail is a full tension system structure. The triangular shape of the shade cloth can make this fun-looking shade a design feature of any playground.

Sizes available
11’6″ x 11’6″ x 11’6″
16’5″ x 16’5″ x 16’5″
22’4″ x 22’4″ x 22’4″

Custom sizes available upon request

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