Playground Design

Our team will work with you to ensure that you have the best playground that you can imagine!

We will come to the site and design a playground fit for your area and your needs. Having the expertise in a large scope of areas, allows us to provide you with a playground that is safe, aesthetically appealing, and designed and created by Play Clean Ltd.

The design process begins with a site visit by the owner of Play Clean Ltd., where solutions to existing problems are discussed and new design ideas are created. The area is measured and we provide you with a drawing of both the existing playground and the new and improved proposed playground, along with a quotation. Various meetings and conversations are had until all parties are satisfied with the plan. Once the plan is approved a time frame for the work is confirmed. We work 7 days/week to ensure that the work is completed in an efficient manner so that the play space is operational as soon as possible. As an ongoing commitment to safety, Play Clean Ltd. will ensure that the playground meets the current CSA standard requirements and provide a third party inspection.

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